It’s Done and So Am I!

Finishing a script, for me, is never what I expect.

In the beginning, when I am reading and researching and discovering the story I am beyond anxious to get to the writing of the story. I keep envisioning scenes and moments that I cannot wait to create on paper. Did I mention that I cannot wait!

Then the writing begins, finally! But, invariable it is intermixed with more research, as I reassure myself that my facts are right. What is true is, it would be impossible to write all the facts. Well, one could, but that would be called an encyclopedia and who wants to watch that on the big screen? So, trying to condense the story while still providing the emotion and educate and entertain. Tricky stuff. Painful stuff. Agonizing stuff. There comes a point when I cannot wait to stop writing! And usually there are many times when I do…stop writing, for days. I lose the essence, the theme, the purpose. Everything seems so inconsequential. I mean really what is life about? Blah, blah, blah. Hence, the benefit of a writing partner.

The final read through was Monday. And it felt sooooo good…. for about two hours. Done. Done. Done. Happy, happy, happy.

Finishing a script. Totally overrated. Not really.

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  1. cyndi

    I am just the opposite of you! I had total post-partum blues when we finished this script. UNLIKE having a baby, it doesn’t have to be fed or changed or anything. It just lays on the table like a lump. I have this big, “Now what?” feeling. It’s far less satisfying to go out there and sell this than it is to go into the magical world of creating a new one. I’d much rather do that … but there are those bills to pay …

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