Oregon Park walk way- very GREEN. Ciera- That monster will eat us!!.
Ciera got drenched on the boat ride. We all got drenched on the boat ride!
What a cute and funny girl!! Loved sitting outside by the water!
Loved jumping the waves! The sand was warm and inviting!
Not sure what the sunglasses were about. Yea, babe! that is my city in the background  
I again won the wet shirt contest. Ciera was embarrassed. Bummer!
The roads were so beautiful! Got to stop. Just too gorgeous!.
I must admit that this trip felt a little odd. With only Ciera and I trotting around the west coast without her siblings or other parental in toe sometimes I felt like a naked emperor.

With just two of us we managed to eat too much and find many things to entertain us.
What quickly became apparent is the desire of this 15-year-old was the destination-not the journey.

I remember feeling that way once upon a time. My parents would take us to all sorts of historical monuments or natural wonders and all I ever wanted to do was get to where we were going so I could play and swim and eat. Good to know we are alike in many ways.

Ciera did take her nature pics!
For instance, I often get frustrated and storm around when I am unable to comprehend a task or master software. On this trip Ciera was in charge of the GPS and getting us to our destination. It was like watching a mirror as she would angrily throw the phone down only to pick it up a few minutes later and begin again trying tp figure out how to work it so we could figure out where the heck we were.
We managed to get lost most everyday and it was okay because sometimes we discovered places we had not known about and sometimes we discovered more about each other. I hope someday she will take her daughter or son on a road trip and maybe stop along the way to enjoy a sunset or the bright stars in the midnight sky or a new born baby deer following it’s mother up the mountain side. If she gets lucky she will learn to enjoy the journey.
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