I left My Heart….

I have been archiving my movie clips and photos this week. Decided to take my own advice and back them up with hard copies. If I was really kind and motivated I would make copies for my family and friends. But I’m not. This kind of work is only possible while I multitask. Writing, researching, refinishing furniture, roughing out query letters, appling for jobs, eating M&Ms. Why did I buy those again? Guess I must have wanted to hurt someone real bad.

I digress.

Tonight, while archiving, I found some shorts I did a few years back. Four years actually. Almost to the day. That’s right, this week marks 4 years since we returned from Zambia. So, to honor the occasion and to humor myself that anyone even remotely cares, I am re-posting this little short. And I think I will dedicate this week to my Zambia experience. Sometimes it is good to reflect on what once was to remind me of what is possible now. (The original blog entry of the poem can be found on the FilmZambia site.)

Click on the picture if you would like to see and experience Zambia.

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