I’m starting to get verbal direct requests.
Top 10 reasons why I should ignore these requests.

10. “Dorothy is the only woman in history who has had her menopause in public and made it pay.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth
( Question – Who is Dorothy?)

9. If I am bored and annoyed with everyone’s blog entries including mine, there is a pretty good chance everyone else is too.

8. I am bored and annoyed with everyone else’s entries. Ooops I think I mentioned that already. (refer to #1 = symptoms) Shall I elaborate? why the heck not. If everyone’s life is so freakin great then how do you have the time to write about it? Shouldn’t you be living it? Or do you just want to share your pixie dust with everyone and hope that we all benefit and can someday become as great and wonderful as you and yours!

7. If you can’t say anything nice….

6. Computer is starting to show our age. Fading, fading, fad.

I think top 10 reasons require way too much thought, effort and a filter which I apparently have discarded for the day.

Do you really want to know what I think?


In person.

Bring chocolate.

And Kleenex.

And a sense of humor.

(WARNING: sad, bad, mad attitude is contagious. It is advised that the weak and frail stay home and wallow in their own gleeful land of oz.

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  2. Jacquie

    Ok, now your scaring me. You know there are pills for this. Natural ones work best – Ltryptophan and vitamin b are great! Or, as my kids tell me – they are going to lock me in a padded room with my trampoline and music. Seriously exercise works great. My husband just tells me “THIS IS NOT HUGGABLE!” Now if I could just get some sleep. Menapause! Hey pam you’re not alone:) Remember sometime way back when…oh that’s right we can’t remember, but we must have thought we could get through this. Piece of cake – right. Just make sure it’s Chocolate!

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