Month: July 2009

Rein them IN!

I have had it with the under 30 crowd. They are way out of control. Me – “Give me a minute while I download this file.” Them – “You are not downloading …. Your uploading. Geez you sound like an idiot!” Me – “You can email your friend to invite her over tomorrow. I will …

The World I Desire

Sometimes the events of this world, this time, this now… stops my world, my time, my now. The world “seems” to be spiraling out of anyones control. And then some “one” tries. And often someone dies. “In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are its worst. …

Exclusive View

I should have taken a picture. The license plate said something like EXCLSV. The plate had a saying too. “Obey the golden rule.” It always feels good to laugh out loud.

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