You Wicked Thing

I don’t know what other Mothers and Daughters discuss between themselves while eating lunch at Disneyland, but our conversation went something like.

“Which evil character do you think you most resemble?”

“Evil Character?”

“Yea. Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s wicked Stepmother, Snow White’s step mother the Queen, Cruelladevil, My personal favorite, Maleficent from sleeping beauty…”

“Are you serious? Yours is Maleficent?”


“Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever considered that question. I always recognized the similarities, either imagined or wished for toward the heroine, I never considered the similarities toward the antagonist.”

“So, which one?”

“Let me give it some thought.”

“O.K…. I need a Peter Pan hat.”

“Of course you do.”

And off we flew to Never Land to discover that the evil one had stolen, purchased or hid them all from every corner, every store, every booth, every location we could find in both parks.

But alas, we remembered the land of cyberspace where all things can be purchased and delivered to your tree house, castle, stump or wooded hideaway.

Christmas is coming.

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