Film Shoot in Mexico

We are going on one last research trip to “the Place.” I say we are going home. I often feel like that. It is where I bore and raised my children. I also call California home. I wonder if Arizona will every feel like home…doubt that one.

I am taking a small film crew. There is so much to do and so little time. No matter what, I will enjoy the moment. Have too. My blood pressure is officially in the dangerous level. So you never know. My business partner says, “ Great, finally get you to do what your supposed to be doing and you’re going to go out early!” Funny girl.

All my friends down there are being so helpful. They are willing to do anything to assist me. Kind of cool I think. Funny how once I figured out all I have to do is let people know what I want they are so supportive and encouraging. Why was I so hesitant to go for it? Surely fear of failure was a factor. Imposing on others played a part. Valuing me was a huge deterrent. So here we go. Hang on. Chris is driving. Hope the second car can keep up. Oh heck, that might be me driving! YIKES. It’s all good. Driving is relaxing for me. Time to think and plan and discuss our next research project. No time for going out early. We’ve got too much to do.

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