Memo to Self

Have I mentioned that writing is hard?

I should perhaps clarify.

Having someone read your work, the work you spent 6 months researching. The work you spent another month outlining. The work you spent 6 months writing only to have “people” read it and say, “nice writing, but ( I HATE that word) needs to be more dramatic.

Do you remember seeing Popeye get so mad that steam was coming out of his ears?
That would be me.

images-1I have been reading a lovely book this month. (my Christmas gift I give to myself every year) This book was written especially for writers, BIRD BY BIRD, breaks writing down and also encourages the writer in ways that I find validating and possible. One of the chapter’s talks about letting the character tell their story. I shared this tidbit with my writing partner and while she traveled she thought about it and came up with ideas on how to improve the story mentioned above..

Of course she had to sit me down for a chat and gently explain that the story needed to be rewritten. I was stunned, hurt, disillusioned and well, frankly, I ate a lot last week.

This morning I woke up and realized that they or she or whoever was right. It does need to be more dramatic and more exciting. I know this story and I can do that and further more, I will!

Did I mention that writing is hard?

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