Jolly Holiday

I believe this has been a fun holiday season!

How you deal with hard times really does teach yourself how you deal with life. For us, we choose to chill with friends and family and just live in the moment, Superman style!DSC_0198
There is nothing that says, “good friends” like sharing underwear. DSC_0185

In my defense, I warned this motley crew to take their white elephant gifts with them this year. But NOOOOO. They left them behind, wrapped, under my tree! So, to show my appreciation, I want to share some priceless moments. DSC_0193

Merl and his Angle of Mercy. How he and others adored her! ALL of her!


This grandma keeps showing up, year after year. We are never quite sure what she is doing, but it doesn’t look good! DSC_0201

Jen stole the show this year. Jamie laughed so hard she started to have contractions! Bill gave her the thumbs up! So you go Jen! DSC_0205

Nothing says Merry Christmas like being merry together! Thanks guys for a fun night. See you next year.

Grandma will be back!

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