“You are going where?”

“Africa.” I say it casually as if going to Africa is a normal occurrence for any 48 year-old wife and mother of four.

“Are you nervous?”

“Nervous? Why would I be nervous?”

I am going to Africa to shoot a documentary and help with the first feature film ever made in Zambia. Should I be nervous?

“There are wild animails!”white bird africa_m.jpg

“In the zoo!”

Actually, we will be in a large city for two weeks. Apparently there are wild animals and birds and creatures roaming the streets, but I am sure they will not mind us. Now when we travel to the bush, I love saying that. It sounds so exotic. We might encounter some wild life, but I am confident I can out run Cyndi.

“What about diseases?”

“We have all taken shots.” Ouch on those. And we will be taking malaria pills. And did you know my husband, who is not going to Africa can not give blood for like 7 years after I get back? I do feel bad about that. He has good blood.

“What about your family? Who will take care of your children?”

I look at them like they are boring me with details.

“My son’s, 23 and 20 are green…with envy. They are just mad they aren’t going. My 17-year-old daughter is thrilled. She gets the car while I am gone. My 11 year old will be running the house. She has been bossing us around, well , for 11 years! I hope to shout that she has raised us to be self sufficient and productive members of her family.”

“What about your husband? Won’t he miss you?”

“Yes, he will. He likes me a lot. He thinks I am entertaining. He also likes that I am adventurous and am always thinking.”

OK now I am exaggerating. There are not many men pj-and-Chris.jpgwho like women to always be thinking. Thinking is usually followed by spending money, remodeling, talking and for some going to Africa.

“How long will you be gone?”

“Almost a month.”

“A whole month? That is a long time!”

A month is 30 days. We will be gone only 27.
It really isn’t that long. My biggest fear? The food. I must admit I tend to be a foodie. I like what I like and fish is not on my list. They belong in the water where they can outswim the larger fish.

“Well, call when you get back. I want to hear all about it.”

“Yea, sure, I’ll have you over to watch my slides.”

Now who’s nervous! I see the fear in their eyes.

“Oh, will you be doing slides?” They ask with trepidation.

“You betcha!”

It’s called a movie!

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