A New Week

PAMELA BOWMAN LUSAKA ZAMBIA AFRICA – Tomorrow begins a new week. We are spending time recuperating from last week. Yesterday, after spending the afternoon blogging and writing to our families, we went back to the resort. We showered and got dressed. For everyone else that meant clothes unrelated to the film. For me, it meant wearing my whites instead of my jeans. Yes, my luggage is still in luggage twilight zone. Then we went to a restaurant. It had a karaoke system. Only three of us were brave enough to sing. It was fun to be silly or watch others be silly! My family has banned me from singing in public or private or in this lifetime. After dinner we went to a Zambian rumba club. There were moments when most of the crew danced in a circle with wild abandon. Even the old ladies were be bopping to some kind of music we had never heard before. By midnight the majority had had enough of crouds and music and the day. We returned to the resort. Instead of going to bed like mature adults we sat around and talked again until 4 in the morning! What is wrong with us?

Tonight it is back to business. We have a planning meeting for next week. Cyndi is really good about de-briefing the crew and analyzing what has happened and what needs to happen. So I am confident this week we will make great strides in getting more scenes wrapped up.

In the meantime dinner awaits at the resort.

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