About Time

It has been over three years since I have been here. What is true is this picture sits on my computer. I suppose that would be a form of self torture. Sometimes, I visualize myself on the raft pushing off those who challenge my reign as queen. I can recall the feeling of floating through the air on the swing especially flying off the swing! And sometimes I can hear the laughter of those being bombarded by pine cones late at night while hiding in the buck brush. Soon I get to look up into that sky and see those brilliant stars flicker through the swaying redwood trees. I try to convey the smell, but it is pointless. My children sometimes make me smell a piece of clothing and we smile at each other knowingly. What I remember is walking by myself singing, “I talk to the trees, but they don’t…” (mind my singing)

Ciera and I get to go there next week. It has been five years for her.

We have spent a lot of time with our Bowman relatives through the years. And I have enjoyed those relationships. Chris’s siblings and their children love their favorite aunt. That would be ME!

Through the years, I often have felt sad that I was unable to participate in weddings, funerals, births, graduations, and just daily associations that build stronger relationships with my siblings and their families. Next weekend I get to go to my great nephew’s birthday party. I have never met him. I might even get to be there for the birth of his baby brother. How cool is that? Very cool.

Family. It’s about time.

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  1. Wistie

    🙁 I wanna go. Also, apparently, wordpress wants people to be longwinded because it wouldn’t let me publish just the first sentence. Is this longwinded enough?

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