Ask and Tell

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA – I took my daughter shopping for her 18th birthday gift. The theme was gifts that you will need at college, next year, when you are by yourself, in an apartment, far away from home and you are hungry and cold. So, of course, plates came to mind. I pre-shopped and took her to my store of choice for her to make her final selection. At first, she saw the practical side of Corel, but then she saw some stoneware. We had the Corel at the counter, my credit card was out, but she looked at me and said something I didn’t know I could have said at 18 … or 49. “I really want the red ones. I know they can break, but I really like them.

wis1.jpgThey weren’t that much more expensive. I bought them with a smile in my heart. She would be okay. She knows what she wants and she is going for it. She wasn’t being spoiled or selfish. She wasn’t hurting anyone or anything. She was stating her want, not mine or her father’s or her friends’. Wow! Amazing!

Just imagine if we all knew what we wanted and needed and took care of meeting our own desires. How liberating that would be for the rest of us. We wouldn’t have to guess what others thought or felt or wanted. We would just need to ask them and know that if they actually had an opinion they would honestly share it. The amount of time and energy that could be saved is mind-boggling.

There would be time for … lunch! Where? Just ask! I promise to tell and share the breadsticks!

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