Ask And You May Find

lakewashingcorrected.jpgOne of the interesting things about research is visiting different research facilities. Some are so accommodating while others are…not. While I was in Utah this last week I went to different libraries to see what they had that might supplement our growing pile of information. This one library had glass negatives. I had never handled them before and I wasn’t sure how to get the information off of them. My handy librarian brought me to the back room. There was a light box. YEA! I hoisted my camera upon the table. Stood on a chair and clicked away. This is one example of the pictures I found. I emailed it to Cyndy. She did her magic and brought out the texture and color of the glass negative. She is very good. I love this picture.

At one library they actually asked me how I felt about acquiring information from their library. I was honest and told her it was a little frustrating. I was the only one who really knew what I was looking for. If you would just let me see the documents it would save you and me a lot of time. Instead I read through reels and reels of microfilm and when I did find a document I wanted they were unable or unwilling to make a copy of it. I had to type it myself. Some of these documents were 12 to 50 pages. At other libraries I was able to photocopy the copied documents in my hand, saving me time and the library staff effort as well. Perhaps libraries should listen to their patrons. We might have ideas that could save everyone time and money. I know they are interested in “b”.

They might argue that the documents are fragile and sensitive. Well Duh! Researching is part of my writing process. I understand the sensitivity of the documents. I protect the information with the wearing of gloves and I do not use flash photography. I found documents that are unreadable. Photographs are fading. How efficient could it be if researchers were given the freedom to research and a cd to save their research that was downloaded to the libraries data base. Then other’s would have easy access to the information. I know, stick to my job and mind my own business.

At the end of the week I felt more comfortable asking for what I wanted. Didn’t mean I got it, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

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