Baby’s Gone


This month is crazy for Ciera Jo. Every week she has another performance, activity or SOMETHING that makes her feel just a tad stressed out. This week was no different. We didn’t think she would make it to this performance because she had that cold/cough thing and well, I hear that when you have one of those one can not sing. Never stopped me, but my children often remind me that I can sing, but no one wants to hear that kind of NOISE. So, let me introduce you again to Ciera Jo. Glad she enjoys the participation. I believe that is what makes life more fun.

On a side note, Ciera…. Do what makes you happy and remember when you are laying in your bed looking at the stars at night it is ok to wonder… where the heck is the ceiling?! love ya! — Mom

Click here to see Ciera Performing My Baby’s Gone

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  1. Joan

    What a beuatiful voice, I kown you didn’t get from your mom’s side. I loved the smirk at the end too!

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