Bah Hum Bug!

What is worse than returning items with the receipt only to be told you need the debit card for a refund or you can have store credit?

Oh, oh,, oh I know, having way too much chocolate and sugar and cookies and candy on Christmas and trying to return items for OTHER people the day after Christmas. That is not chestnuts roasting in the fire. That is my scalp splitting into tiny puzzle pieces.

I realize the sales girl or boy is not responsible for their store policies, but I would like to say I am not responsible for the consequences of those policies. Glaring, insulting and/or hurting those employees who have the audacity to shrug with indifference and pour salt on the wound by yelling at me as I storm out of their store, “have a merry Christmas!” is minor compared to what I envision doing to them, their stores, their merchandise, their tire!

Give me my money. You should not have the right to force me to buy from your store. I have the receipt! I don’t care if they paid with a debit card, credit card or get out of jail free card! You got the money for the item. I am returning the item, with tags, now give back the money.

One out of 5 items had, gasp a gift receipt. “Oh, you have a gift receipt. Sorry you can only get an exchange card.” What is the point of the gift receipt? Remember when we bought the item and they asked, “do you want a gift receipt for that?” Remember that? Sure! That way they can return the item if they don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit, or it is ugly!

But, NOOOOOO. Even with items paid with cash, the real stuff, the stores are saying, sorry, only exchange card. What the…. Now give me my money back you morons!

I know it could be worse. I could have the misfortune of not having any receipt and only being able to get the sale price. Or, wait until the crowds diminish and find out the “time period” for returns have passed.

I think instead I will wrap up these items and give them back to the giver. Nothing says thank you more than…. take this gift and…. Have a merry Christmas!

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