Beat Life Up

Sometimes life beats you up.
This month has been … growthful. Is that the right word?

I was talking to someone about how difficult it is at times to believe in anything when so many things are unbelievable. There is all this violence in the world. So much hate and prejudice and ugliness and … anyway. I was complaining about how much of the world’s contention and conflict is based on religious differences when religion and faith are what is supposed to motivate us to be kind and gracious toward one another. The irony of that makes me wonder. My conversation buddy reminded me that struggles are what make us grow and develop and examine life. A young parent is tempted to do everything for their child, protect them from harm or injury, but a loving parent is a cheerleader and coach, and sometimes that means letting life lessons teach. Sometimes I just want to slap that girl silly!

boxing.jpgThis week, her teaching came to give her a lesson. Not so funny when that happens. She gets another request to provide for others. A request that is unreasonable given her current circumstances. This has knocked the wind out of her sailing heart. She has had to face what family and friends have told her for years. She has been used and manipulated. There is that awful moment when, by their behavior, you realize that someone you care does not care for you, are not even paying attention to your needs, can be heartbreaking… and also liberating.

I may not be her parent, but I like to think I am her friend. It is so difficult to watch friends go through challenges and not know what to say or if you should do something. If you do, are you limiting their growth or by not following your instincts are you limiting your own.

Sometimes we need to beat life up. Makes the muscles strong. My turn to shut up.

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