bLast Monday

Every year I hear others tell the world, usually around Thanksgiving, that they have all of their Holiday shopping done.

Every year I start to think about shopping around December 20th. I always rationalize by saying, “People change their minds about what they hope to receive.”

It works.

This year…. Pretty much the same.

I have been more than a bit under the weather and now I am under the wire, but am feeling a little better everyday. Not that that matters to anyone but me.

I told CieraJo I thought I knew what I wanted for Christmas. Time in the mountains, with a fire, hot chocolate, quiet, no electronics and a good book. She asked if they could have a cabin next door where they could have fun. No one really wants to know do they.

I did receive an early gift, sort of. Chris got a new phone and returned mine! Lovely to be able to communicate with the world again.

Still waiting for that call from Chicago. ARGHHHH!

Tomorrow, the shopping begins, I think. Anyone want to come? Didn’t think so.

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