Can You Wiki?

Distribution for THE LAND OF REFUGE, aka “The Colony Doc” is Fall of 2008. Am I feeling the pressure? Some days I am paralyzed by it. Last week, I went to find some last minute research documents. As more are uncovered and collected, we realized that there seems to be an infinite amount of information out there. People are anxious to hand us their family histories to help us understand all that occurred in the colonies and the role their ancestors played. Unfortunately, a DVD can only realistically be two hours. Unless you are Steven Spielberg … then you can make a 14-hour documentary called SHOAH. Never heard of it? Neither had I. For 14 hours, I doubt I would have been able to stay awake for it! wikipage.jpgAnyway, we decided a WIKI was the best method to collect everyone’s histories and be able to share them with others. Check it out. If you’ve never heard of them before, a WIKI (like Wikipedia) is a group of people who gather a bunch of information about a topic area of interest (like the Mormon Colonies in Mexico) and put it on a website for everyone to share. It’s fun and easy to participate. Join up and add your colony connection information. Or simply go to the LINKS page and add a link to another site with colony information. Sometimes this internet stuff can be so cool!

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