Picture 1.jpgBY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – Today was so much fun! I started placing music down during certain scenes. Sometimes I place two completely different types in the same scene just to see the change that can occur. Music truly is amazing. Changing the music can completely change the whole feeling of the scene. We are speaking to a few different people who compose film scores. I am laying down temporary music. I want whomever does the score to be able to really feel the mood we want to convey for each scene. I believe after they watch it and hear it, our intentions will be communicated quite clearly. Next week we are letting a few people see the entire movie with a questionnaire for them to fill out. We really want to know what they think. How they feel. What characters they like, which they don’t. How they feel about the story line. Then we will be submitting it to Cannes and a few other festivals. I am surprisingly optimistic. Not really my nature. Kind of fun! Also, kind of scary.

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