I wash my hands, COVID precaution, even though I already have it. Have to be responsible. I step out of the bathroom on to my squishy carpet. Funny I didn’t notice that when I waddled in here. I walk upstairs and am standing in flood. I walk into the kitchen and see water cascading out from under our kitchen sink.

The Hospital – Part 3

“Are we suppose to go to the emergency room?” I weakly ask, knowing we can only guess. Barricades are everywhere. It looks like an international border station. I have seen a few of those—all posting information in bold letters. The words are easy to read but challenging to understand. EXIT ONLY.

Kavanaugh – FBI Investigation is Fake News

United States Fractured

What do you think has been accomplished now that the FBI has reopened the background investigation on Judge Kavanaugh? Really.  It appears that the Democrats seem validated. The Republicans, who fought so hard against the investigation seem…. indifferent.   The FBI will interview Kavanaugh and Ford collaborators. These interviews will focus only on the current allegations …

Due Diligence

Choices. It isn’t always about the lesser of two evils, but right now it sure feels that way. We all, hopefully, have a wide range of friends with an equally wide range of political views. Perhaps some civilly discuss their differing views, but that has not been my experience. Some may invest the time and …

Curiosity is Not Courage

I’ve been writing. And I’ve come to understand the importance of writing every day. You risk losing the flow of writing in the absence of the daily current. In re-reading this script, well, it, the story feels choppy, kind of like riding through river rapids. It can be exhilarating, but you can also get off …

Pride and Prejudice

Saturday, Ciera and I watched Pride and Prejudice for her birthday. My girls and I kind of like that movie. It went along with what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. This thing called love. And I readily admit I am a little slow on the uptake so forgive me, but…. My thoughts begin …

Health Care Reform

I do not even try to pretend to understand the political issues being bantered back and forth between parties, families and friends.  Everyone is so heated and convinced that the “other side” means harm to our freedoms and country. With all the noise and rhetoric, I feel I am not getting an objective point of …

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