Chasing Dreams

Today was pretty cool. I woke up in the mountains and took a solo walk. LOVED IT. Found a swing in an old school house and reminisced about days gone by. How fun it was in kindergarten to chase Mike Casey around the play yard and be chased right back!

pjcg.jpgI arrived home by noon and found our full-page article with PHOTOS in the Mesa Tribune. Could have done without the headshot of us, but what the heck. I felt the piece was well written, informative and unbiased. We can even go on line and post comments! Tribune Article. I am fearful to look. What if I get a bunch of negative stuff, but what if I get a bunch of positive supporters who understand the huge undertaking of this project and just support the heck out of it?

You know, you will always find naysayers. I’m not going to listen to them or the voices in my head. It is so funny to see the different comments that others write. Most of the time it has nothing to do with the subject. I think people just want a venue to voice their ideas and opinions. Maybe they don’t have anyone to talk to. At least this way they don’t have to argue with anyone face to face. I will try to refrain from the cyber bait.

Next week we are supposed to be featured in the Arizona Republic. It will be interesting to see what angle they take on the same information. Fun stuff. Learning a ton and am so grateful to those who are still encouraging me and believing in me. It keeps me chasing my dreams and maybe they will chase me right back!

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