Determined to Succeed

Time to celebrate.

We received our first rejection to one of our query letters concerning AMAI.

Some day they will regret that decision.

A true story about an amazing woman who empowered a people, a country and the world.

Yea, I can see why they wouldn’t be interested.

Let’s stick to stories that are real. Stories that have blades coming out of a man’s fist. Or maybe the one I saw this week…no that isn’t even worth admitting that I saw. I was smart enough to wait to see it at the dollar theater. Kudos to me.

I sent out another batch of letters this week. I know, I am a glutton for punishment, but I believe in the story. I love the character and I am inspired by her determination.

So, I will keep mailing them. After all, if she can free a country with her determination, shouldn’t I be able to sell a script with mine?

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