The work of writing and producing is …. Hard. Wow, aren’t I eloquent?

What I wish to convey is how difficult it is for me, with my rather anal personality, to always have work in progress and rarely have work completed. I like to finish. No, I need to finish. I know, it’s a sickness. So lets review the last couple of years to help me feel better.

We wrote two screenplays, produced one full length feature and two documentaries, one art instructional dvd, a half dozen shorts for friends and family, learned about legalities, researched out three other writing products, taught 3D animation classes, created several web sites and managed to gain weight.

Now we are ready to take our screenplays to the big boys. Once they are sold will I feel that sense of doneness? (Is that a word?) Probably not because we are now in the beginning stages of another screen play and I can’t lose weight!

Today, I will finish baking Saac’s birthday cake, then we will eat it. Great, something started, completed, consumed and cleaned. It will be a lovely day.

I feel so much better, thank you.

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