Feels like….

To my children who are in that stage of life where they need to know if what they feel is real. Once you have felt it you know the others were counterfeits.

Does it keep you up at night?
Does it chase you in your dreams?
Does rip you up inside, tearin at the seams?
Does it burn up like a star, falling from above?
Does it feel like Love?

Does it make you wanna die,
or simply fly away?
Does it make you want to scream,
when there’s nothing left to say?
Does it somehow set you free,
when it all comes push to shove?
Does it feel like love?

Because it feels like love…to me

Does it give you what you need,
when you’re forced to do without?
Does it help you to believe,
beyond the shadows of a doubt?
Even when he’s gone,
it’s you he’s thinking of

Does it feel like love?
Cause it feels like love…

Will you follow it wherever it may lead you?
Will you turn and walk away?
Cast your fears of forever aside
and trust that it’s here to… stay

When you wear it on your sleeve, it’s hanging by a thread
You’re countin butterflies, as you lie awake in bed
It’s so hard to contain, and it fits you like a glove
Cause it feels like love

Does it feel like love?
You know it feels like love…
You know it feels like love….to me

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