Flints of Green

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN , MESA ARIZONA – yourpics_devon-sunrise_kevin-burgin.jpgMy office window faces east. Evidence of another day alarms me on the mornings that find me facing muted hues of color until my eyes are forced shut and I type in the blindness of light. Shut the shutters you say! But then you could not see the flints of green that only the sunlight can strike at the moment I look into your eyes and into your soul. Those who know me know the look that I myself have never seen. I know the reflection of sunlight on these eyes of mine have struck fear into the hearts of my children. I am also confident that it has assured them of my devotion to them. I will continue to filter the light through closed lashes because I love the warmth of the sun on my face. Spring is almost here again. New beginnings. Endings with their painful scarring deaths fade in memories of neverland.

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