Fly, Pamela Jo, Fly

PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – When I was in second grade I became Batman. My friend, Suzette, with her freckles and mousy brown hair became Robin, my sidekick.

Admittedly, I was obsessed with the TV Series. So one Sunday, driving to my Uncle Don’s for yet another family get together, I visualized putting my ensemble together. And upon arriving home, I did. I started with blue tights, added a black swimsuit bottom, a black leotard and a blue cape. I purchased a black mask and my mother bought me the “Bat Phone.” I was set. I climbed on my “Bat BiCycle” and patrolled the streets with Robin. We cited those we felt were law violators. We became the Caped Crusaders of San Mateo. batman.jpg

It wasn’t enough for us to rule Dublin Street. No, we had to broaden our horizons. After all, didn’t Batman protect the entire city of Gotham? So we approached my second grade teacher, Mrs. Nordstrom, and requested if we could “show and tell” what it was like to be Batman and Robin.

The following Tuesday, we flew into our classroom after lunch. Most of the students stared in shock. Some snickered. I must admit I had a moment when I realized I was standing among my peers in tights and a swim suit. I thought to run away, but I choose to stay and play the part. A few approached us after and asked how we could be so brave and unashamed. I smiled and acted like it was no big deal. After all, I was Pamela Jo aka Batman!!

I seldom wonder whatever happened to that brave, imaginative, young girl. Occasionally, I catch a glimpse of her in my mirror. Her second grade eyes scream at me, “Fly Pamela Jo. Fly.”

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