Fund Raising Season

It was such fun to watch Ciera participate in Joseph the Amazing Dream Coat. She has been very fortunate to be selected in the last two plays she has auditioned for. I don’t think she had any idea that this production would have the state and now perhaps the national recognition this ensemble is receiving.

This week-end started with the last two performances at the Mesa Arts Center on Friday, a Saturday morning performance on TV and finally Saturday nights finale. I spotted the national judges and observed them throughout the performance and then I followed them out hoping to overhear their critique. They both looked elated to have witnessed such a professional production by our local high school. They were as engaged as the loyal audience members. It would be difficult not to be! The kids did great and everyone could tell they were having a ball! It didn’t hurt to have the house sell out both nights! Amazing!

For us we just sat back and enjoyed our daughter enjoying her life. After two months of practices, performances, taxi service, costumes and late nights we all deserved this last weekend.

Now we get to wait some more to see if they will be one of the four schools selected to go to nationals in Nebraska. After seeing the judges faces I think it is safe to say, start the fund raising!

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  1. Priscilla

    That is so cool! I wonder why it feels so good to watch our kids have positive experiences…maybe because we actually cate about them…do you think they know that?
    Good luck, Ciera!

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