Grad Night

I wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact I experienced on Friday. I was sitting in the stands watching my first born receive his BA from ASU and I was overwhelmed with pride.

He pretty much did this all on his own. At times it was sheer determination as he overcame unexpected obstacles and triumphed. He has discovered his own inner source of courage and fortitude. I believe he is a stronger individual and has the confidence to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

He has become a good man. He could, like many with his life experiences, find fault and excuses and bitterness, but he choose a better path of forgiveness and personal responsibility. He has risen above his circumstances and lives a life of joy. He lives a happy life. He is at peace.

So as I sat and realized that was my boy down there, the tears welled up. I was not ashamed of them. This is my boy. He has done good because he is good and no one can take that from him. No one. He deserves this day. He earned it all by himself.

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  1. Priscilla

    Congratulations to Saac and to the mom & dad…there are moments when being a parent are worth it. My goal is to recognize them more often.

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