Happy New Year

We started the New Year by doing something so unlike us, taking OUR picture. Rather difficult when everyone has an opinion, it is freezing and everyone has an opinion. Did I mention that everyone has an opinion? Saac was trying to set the shot up and then remotely taking the picture. I could tell that was exhausting.

It felt great to be out of doors exercising, even if it was freezing on this first day of 1/1/2011. I want to believe the exercise part is indicative of the coming year. I suppose that would require choosing it and then acting upon it. Eating A LOT of food after our adventure was also included in tonight’s activity. I could use less of that overindulgence. At least I can hide behind Chris!

Of course being with my girls was a fun moment. Can not believe how grown up they are. When did that happen? They love to tease me about everything I do and say! They made me buy those jeans today. Reminds me of when I made my Mom buy a mini skirt.

Hope you and yours make this a wonderful year! That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

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