PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – “Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.” — Bill Cosby.

Ben-miss.jpgMy son Ben comes home from Chile in two weeks. Technically, he has been gone for 25 months. It is time for a Ben hug. He has just the right amount of meat and muscle to give good hugs. My oldest son, Saac, is so skinny you feel like you are hugging yourself! Wistie is skinny too and Ciera is still too short, but Ben is just right! Kind of like his dad.

My kids say that Ben is my favorite. They all know that is true and not true. They all know they are my favorite for different reasons. It is a game we play. I win. I have four kids who want to be my favorite.

Tonight Ciera came in and said, “Mom, come play with me.” I said, “You only want to play with me when your friends aren’t around.” I looked into her eyes and discovered how terribly hurt she was by my comment. “You know it’s true.” Of course, I had to make matters worse. I am such a dolt! I did take her to lunch today. Does that count?

Two weeks. I have to paint my office. He has to sleep somewhere! Wistie says she is NOT open for swapping bedroom negotiations.

The only creatures that let our children come home. Well, all I have to say is … Why did I let them leave in the first place!

WIS.jpgAt the end of the summer Wistie will be leaving. I kind of feel like she already has. Evidence exists that she is still here. Her bed is never made. Her clothes hang from her fan. Her hair clogs the bath tub. My gas tank is always empty. My cookie dough is gone. So are my tweezers. I have a unibrow again. Sometimes I can still feel the warmth from her body on the couch or an indent in her bed. I can smell Herbal Essense float through the house.

Thanksgiving she will be coming home.

I wonder if I will see her then. I know for sure I will see her Christmas morning. Gifts always work! Food helps too. Saac and Audrey come for the food. They bring their own tupperware to take home the leftovers. I guess they don’t like to come home as often.

Home. No matter where you go it’s always nice to feel at home. No matter what they do, they are always welcome to cross our threshold.

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