Cloud Hugging

I alternate between riding my bike, walking or not doing any exercise at all!

Lately, with the cold weather “C” has been winning! A week ago when I rode to my favorite park it was cloudy and cold, but I persevered. It was worth it because no one else was out. I love that!

images-1I lay on a gray cold metal picnic table. There are pine trees that remind me of home and there is a lovely pond where ducks chase each other. Sometimes in the morning the ducks fly low and land so gracefully. I envy their flying ability and their landings. Amazing stuff. Sometimes dogs on leashes explore with their companions each and every tree and blade of grass. Last Saturday it was either too cold or too early. All I know or care about is that I was alone. images-4

It was misty and wet and hazy. As I looked up I felt strangely dizzy. Did I ride too hard or too long? Did I have vertigo? Then I realized the mist was moving, not east or west or north or south, but up. There was no wind, so the movement was quiet perceptible. I watched it slowly become puffy with cob web strings along its edges. I reached out to feel it or touch it like a little kid up against the candy store window. Just air floating through my fingers. images-5Blue started peaking through and soon the rising sun melted it all away. It was gone. Dissipated and no one else would ever know it was there.

Riding home with the sun now warming my back I felt strangely optimistic. I guess being hugged by a cloud does it for me.

Love my morning ride!

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