Hurry Up and Get There

BY PAMELA BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA, USA — Ten days and counting. We will be leaving on the 8th in the evening. That gives us all day to run around and wait. ARGH!

Last minute details.
Getting my girls all ready for school.
Do they have new shoes, notebooks, pens and lip gloss? Check.
Money for lunches? Check.
The talk about no boys in the house while I am gone? CHECK!!!

Pams-ben.jpg Now my boys are different.
My new daughter-in-law will have to deal with Isaac, son Number One. Son Number Two is a different story. Anyone know of a good orthopedic surgeon? Yes, Ben needs to come home from Chile to repair his torn meniscus. I will not be here to mother him. My husband assures me they will all survive without me. How is that possible?

Do I have all my supplies?
Pepto Bismol?
Memory, now where did I put that?

This is so FUN! I am going to Africa. I am on a film crew. I am so happy to be me! Thank you Cyndi for having confidence in me. Thank you for having the vision to see how wonderful this screenplay is. Thank you for all the work you have done to put this together. No one really knows all you have done except you, but I have a pretty good idea. We are all indebted to you. We all owe you and the only way to show our respect and admiration is to show up, work hard and have fun. I think we can do that!

Ten days and counting! HURRY UP AND GET HERE!

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