I Believe!

cj.jpgThis year Santa’s helper was Ciera Jo. She was amazing! She found most of the gifts for the stockings, hung them with care and knew Saint Nick was going to be here. On Christmas Eve, after our guests leave, we have a time for being silly. It is the only time Chris lets his hair down… Okay… bad choice of words. It reminds me that he has a sense of humor still. The kids find this hard to believe but, at Christmas, one tends to believe the unbelievable. I hate making the kids do anything they complain about or whine about.
chris1.jpgI hate making anyone do what they say they do not want to do. I won’t nag or grovel. This year they told me they would not go see Santa. laughingkids1.jpgThey have said “no” to a lot of things lately. Okay, but one thing I insist upon is our annual under the tree picture. Every year, as with most families, new pj’s are the Christmas Eve gift allowance. The girls match and the boys match. I buy what is on sale. Sometimes they are pretty funny. This year the boys got Supermen. The girls got cute snowmen pj’s. They always run big. Remember the key word is SALE. Mine are always HUGE! More room for cake that way.


I don’t know about this Santa’s helper thing. I believe it was so much easier to believe when there were others who believed with you. There is some truth to the idea that if you build it, they will come. If you believe it, he will come, other wise you are stuffing your own stocking! Kind of like shooting your own foot. Either way, it’s goin’ to hurt. Not much fun in that!

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  1. stephanie

    trust me, pam. your secret’s safe with me. i have to say that superman pjs are cool enough that i probably could have gotten away with those. {not sure i could have gotten our boys to pose like yours, though.} merry christmas!

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