iClicker, uClicker, We All Need a Clicker

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – iclick.jpgIt was so cool! We were sitting in Wistie’s physical science class and she took out her “iclick.” The teacher started lecturing and then presented a question to the students. They were then told to discuss their ideas with each other for 20 seconds or so. Then, using their “iclick,” they offered their answer to the question. The results were immediately displayed in the form of a graph. Talk about interactive education. The teacher had immediate feedback if the concepts being explained had been understood by the class. WBlistening-1.jpgHe could then go over the material again and target those elements of the lecture that were unclear. He was able to respond to the class and adapt immediately. I kept thinking about how life would be if we had this level of in-the-moment feedback on all areas of our life. WOW! It was so cool. The “click moments occurred about four times during the one-hour lecture. Very cool! I think they learned so much more because the teaching had a more game-like feel to it. I thought it would make learning more fun. I know I did for me! Want to discuss fusion or fission? At the end of the period, I thought overall physical science is it still kind of boring, but several concepts really seemed to “click” today.

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