Into the Fire

Quiet on the set!

kitchen.jpgYou have no idea how silly that sounds when you are saying it in your own kitchen. There is a purpose to it all. Mostly it is to inform everyone to shut up, pay attention and tape is rolling.

Then Chris’ phone goes off. He can’t answer it because he is carrying his lunch downstairs to watch the Olympics, which we can hear through our audio equipment. At least we got him to stop reheating his soup! The boiling was really interfering with the sound quality.

This is only one of the disadvantages to having a non-existent budget. There are others, but we keep plugging along and are always pleasantly surprised with unexpected gifts, like friends who are willing and even anxious to record voiceover quotes that sound authentic!

By tomorrow, the border and main sections of the “puzzle” will be in place and then we can determine if the missing pieces prevent a clear idea of what the picture is. At least we will be out of the kitchen…and into the fire!


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