It Begins…Again

breakingRock.jpgBY PAMELA BOWMAN MESA ARIZONA – The editing process begins today. Editing is tedious (not as tedious as breaking rock beneath the noonday sun in Lusaka) but it is the end result that should make all the hard work worthwhile.

Sometimes, as you go through the footage it is painful. There are moments you want to capture, remember and use, but as you ponder upon what the point of the movie is, sometimes you have to cut out something that won’t support the story. It is rather symbolic of life.

In life we all get distracted. We have a plan or goals or dreams. Then something or someone comes along and you get lost for a little while. If you are paying attention you can correct your course and get back on track. Sometimes the distraction shows a better direction or more noble goals. Sometimes you readjust or change completely. Sometimes you become disappointed in yourself for choices made or wasting time on insignificant things. Then, if you are true to yourself you edit out the unnecessary or start all over again. Being true to your story should always be the determining factor. What has to be cut doesn’t always have to be thrown away. Sometimes the footage is saved for the future…just in case.

Cyndi often says the following in regards to an actor or a scene. “That was authentic or real or true.” As we edit these movies I know she will once again teach us to search out the authentic moment that supports the story. Sometimes it may be a matter of opinion. Hopefully it will be obvious as to what scene best portrays the story line.

So the next process begins. We are all nervous and extremely anxious. We want to view the rough draft and see our efforts manifested. At the same time we hesitate. This last process is crucial. We can not let up now. Today we started planning the edit. Tomorrow we will all work together to get it done quickly. In the end we will have our movies. And at the end of the day it will be our crew that did it all, through pre production, production and post production.

So it begins…again.

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