It is all I Ask

Ciera is having a late night with like 10 other 13-year-old girls. Pizza, root beer, giggles, games, popcorn and then they started a movie. It wasn’t long before I could hear the haunting and beautiful music from “The Phantom of the Opera.” I can only hear bits and pieces upstairs, but the power behind the music moves me still.

They are arguing about who Christine really loves. Why was she attracted to the phantom? It is fun to listen to them discuss their opinions. I remember pondering on their relationship as well.

Even now, as I try to teach my children to be open and authentic in the pursuit of relationships, I also want them to be aware of those that wear masks. It is a difficult lesson because in truth we all wear masks. The moment when you can be exposed without fear, but feel the trusting embrace of eyes that see who you really are and love you all the more, is worth that risk and more.

Of course, you can’t have the front of the hand without the back. When you expose yourself and discover the trust you placed in another has not been valued, respected and held with tender regard…well, soul wrenching agony comes to mind. I do believe we all need to feel that. It helps us appreciate and value it when it is offered to us and if it is not reciprocated, then we should have the decency to say so honestly and with tenderness.

It is all we ask.

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