It Is True

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA – Do you have one of those days when you are on the go from the minute you wake up? I feel like my life has been like that for a year and a half. Yesterday, I realized I have a lot going on in my life and all I could do was get the most pressing thing done first before finding the next depressing thing.

It is true we are editing two films. It is true we have finished one screenplay and are in the middle of the second with two others begging for attention. hamster.jpgIt is true we are anxious as we come so close to finally finishing this project. It is true we are apprehensive in deciding who will distribute, who to trust, who to count on.

It is true my daughter has been cast in MUSIC MAN and I volunteered to be the set coordinator. It is true that I taxi her to practices, run around finding set pieces and go to meetings with “play people.” It is true I am learning the ropes and am becoming acutely aware of the differences between stage sets and movie sets. BIG differences!

It is true I am still trying to manage my home. Keep everyone’s clothes clean, have food in the fridge and the house semi-clean even with one bathroom under repair, one bathroom still being remodeled and let’s not forget about the leaky roof issue and back porch repair. We won’t even discuss the exterior paint needs or carpet issues!

It is true I am trying to keep track of my sons and their lives. I stop whatever I am doing to listen to their discussion of their day or night. It is true I am glad they share with me and it is true they drive me crazy with their teasing and tossing and tormenting, but it is true I enjoy them!

It is true I visit once a day with my college daughter and listen to her stories of being cold and missing home, but more than that, she misses me and I miss walking arm in arm knowing we walk the same and laugh the same and even, at times, think the same!

It is true. All of it. I am on the go, go, go. Someone get me off the treadmill before I fall flat on my face! Ooops too late! SPLAT!

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  1. Anonymous

    Spa? It is true that would take time and $. But thanks for the suggestion. I believe March will still work for me. Looking forward to it!

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