It’s All About the Food

zambian_breakfast.jpgBY PAMELA BOWMAN LUSAKA ZAMBIA AFRICA They have pizza here. They have bread. They have bottled water. You may notice we talk about food a lot. That is because we are working so hard that we are always hungry. We decided that we needed to have food on the set for everyone to nibble on between sets. So Cyndi and I left one night to go to the grocery store….alone! Cyndi was driving. She said I couldn’t because I am a student. What is up with that? So she is driving. In Zambia you drive on the left hand side of the road. She kept repeating to herself “Do what feels wrong. Do what feels wrong.” I guess that includes driving down the middle of the road because you can’t really judge how close you are to the wrong/right side. Are you following all of this? Hitting the curb is the other alternative. She managed to do that a few times too. They have round abouts. We thought we were just circling around and around. I couldn’t help but have a Depends moment! It was too funny. We did manage to find the grocery store, but then we had to figure out how to get back to our resort. The only thing I am allowed to say is that getting lost in Zambia was an experience and one we have managed to repeat again and again as we forage out for set food! I am not allowed to discuss details because some things that happen is Zambia must stay in Zambia. As a result Cyndi has hired a private car and driver to take me to the store in the evenings for the set food.

We are also making a move or two here. Last night we all were on the local T.V. show as they highlighted our crew and project. Being on someone elses set felt odd. I thought Cyndi was going to start telling the host how to fix the lights or check the sound, but she refrained and then made the whole crew march onto the set and introduce ourselves. March we did!

We are having fun getting to know and work with the cast of BAD TIMING. They seem as dedicated to this project as we are. They are also as hungry as we are! It’s all about the food!

Another week starts in 36 hours. Thank goodness for Sundays. We all need a day of rest and some more good food! Just don’t let Cyndi drive.

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