Just For Fun

I decided to tell Wistie to go for the Mormon Bachelor. Why?…. why not? I have repeatedly told her and my other spring off’s to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. It makes one’s life much more interesting. I also have told them it is more fun to participate then to be a by-stander. She knows this is true….

So as she started to have fun with it, her friends didn’t quite get the vision of fun that she had in mind. And to tell you the truth I didn’t either. She called all stressed because they were taking it all too seriously and it kind of made her not want to do it anymore.

I asked her, “Next week will you kick yourself for not trying or kick yourself because you did try?”

The next night at 11:00 she called and asked me to post the video. I think it turned out cute. Completely different then what I told her to do, but it is still cute, like her.

Now that I encouraged her do go for it, I’ve been checking out the pretty boy bachelor. Not really sure about him. I like where he is from. My neck of the woods. I like where he says he is going. Humanitarian minded. His career choice? Makes me wonder. He would have a hey day with Wistie’s teeth, but that’s another story! Hope you enjoy this.


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