Kavanaugh – FBI Investigation is Fake News

United States Fractured

What do you think has been accomplished now that the FBI has reopened the background investigation on Judge Kavanaugh? Really. 

It appears that the Democrats seem validated. The Republicans, who fought so hard against the investigation seem…. indifferent.  

The FBI will interview Kavanaugh and Ford collaborators. These interviews will focus only on the current allegations against the Supreme Court nominee. The FBI will not make a judgment. They will provide information and submit it to the Senate. The Senate will review the information and they will make a judgment.  

Any information showing bias toward Ford will be touted as evidence of FBI corruption. Any information showing bias toward Kavanaugh will be touted as evidence of FBI corruption. It is a lose/lose situation for the FBI. 

Will the public have access to the information? 

No. All information is protected from public disclosure, in accordance with current law and the Department of Justice and FBI policy. This policy preserves the integrity of the investigation and the privacy of individuals involved in the investigation prior to any public charging for violations of the law. It also protects the rights of people not yet charged with a crime.

However, someone could leak it. It’s been known to happen. And it won’t matter.

The investigation will end next Friday.

The Senate will state that the investigation has been held as requested by the Democrats and the vote will be held. The votes have already been tallied. Flake and other conservative Senators have said if the FBI investigation is conducted, they will vote yes to confirm. 

Kavanaugh will be confirmed. 

As a result, America will become more divided and implode just as our adversaries intended.

If, on the other hand, those government officials involved could put aside their personal agendas, corporation influences, and midterm campaigning they could help heal our nation. As it is, our fractured nation, our crumbling republic will die.  A house divided will fall. Our adversaries know this. They are patient. They are strategic. They are resigned. 

What should be paramount now is to heal our nation. As our representatives, do your job. Preserve our freedoms and our nation.

The solution seems rather simple. Provide another choice. 

And if your argument is that the Democrats will fight that or any conservative nomination, consider this. POTUS has already filled the courts with very conservative judges.  Donald Trump has 26 confirmed court of appeals judges. So what? Eight of the nine current supreme court members were appeal judges prior to being confirmed to the Supreme court. These judges, including Judge Kavanaugh, sit just below the supreme court level and will be in place for decades. That is huge. That is power. 

Perhaps it is time to learn the art of negotiation. It isn’t time to save face. It isn’t time to acquire more power. It isn’t time to attack each other. it isn’t time to yell and shout and bully one another.

It is time to be patient. To be strategic. To be kind. To listen and to understand our way of life is at risk. It is time for each of us to choose to save our republic and be Americans. That includes our Senators, our representatives, and you Mr. President. 

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