Know Better to Do Better

Today I went to lunch with my son. We met in a crowded place. Along the back wall was a long table with 4 tall chairs. Two friends choose to sit in the middle two chairs. I pulled out one of the end chairs and sat down. They saw us, but did not offer to move over so we both could sit down. My son stood there waiting for the gesture. Grown men in their 30’s. Finally my son asked if they would mind scooting down so we could all sit down. They complied, but really?

It wasn’t about being gallant or gentlemanly. It was about being kind, considerate and human.

I asked my son, “I hope your mother raised you to know better.”

I believe they KNEW better too. They just didn’t want to do better. It wouldn’t be cool.

By the way. Kony 2012. Because we now know and now we can do. Cool or not.

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