Last Chance

One thing that made me laugh this week.

I went shopping at Last Chance. This is a disgusting store. Apparently, Nordstroms Department Store accepts all returns from their customers. It doesn’t matter if you have worn it, washed it, stained it or ripped it.

Nordstroms then places these returned items into their Last Chance store. Sometimes you can find amazing deals. Heres an example, an $800 pair of Salvatore Ferragamo boots on sale for $49.00. Even if you don’t know anything about Ferragamo, you know that’s a deal.

So, sitting next to my growing pile of boots, I quite naturally observed the other customers. What treasure did they uncover when along came ‘Miss I’m all that and a piece of cake’. Never mind that she was in the basement-shopping store with the rest of us cock roaches.

“She invests more time, energy and money in shoes then she does in her marriage.”

Now there’s a metaphor for you.

Last Chance anyone?

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