Living Large

As my boys grew up I KNEW that some day they would become best friends. I imagined that they would hang together and go on double dates and their children would be more then cousins, they would be friends. Lately, they have been spending more time together. They both love doing the same sorts of things, rock climbing, mountain biking, snow boarding and teasing their mother!


This week they traveled to the cabin in Northern California to ski on the mountain I learned to ski on. (thanks mom and dad for taking them in) Today they drove down to San Francisco. They went to Alcatraz, where I have never been! Tonight they are walking the streets in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I remember doing that in high school! Our Junior Prom was in the city! How fun was that!

Thanks to my kindergarten boyfriend, they were able to stay in a very nice hotel at a very good price! (Michael, you are forgiven for not sharing your popcorn at the movies!) Tomorrow they will travel home. They send me pictures everyday to remind me of all I am missing. Just another way to yank my chain!


What is wonderful to me is that they invited me to go with them on their spring break. I declined, but I know they were sincere. It is their time to create their own memories. Some day, they will be getting pictures from their kids and they will smile and remember the smell of the wharf and the people and the sunny days of youth. Cherish it as I cherished it and still do.

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  1. wistie

    ya. and i couldn’t go because for some unknown and illogical reason i don’t have a spring break.

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