Lost in Park City

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, PARK CITY, USA — For those of you who visit this blog often or know me personally, you know my reputation with luggage. It’s not good. The airlines lost my luggage not once, but TWICE during our trip to Zambia. I am used to to traveling with minimal clothing and supplies. So used to not having what I need that I have subconsciously made it a way of life.


CYN_PJ_sm.jpgWell, after being disappointed in some of the movies here at Sundance, we left the building early. On our way home, I remembered that I had worn gloves. Nice leather gloves. Gloves my mother gave me. Gloves that I needed! We returned to the theater. I slithered in, hoping no one would notice I was the one who had left early. The young man sitting next to me was walking out with them in his hand. Gloves found, anonymity lost. During our next outing at the Press Reception for NANKING, we left the building excited to have accomplished our goal of interviewing the directors and actors. It was a chilly night. Suddenly, I realized I was chilly because I left my neck scarf behind. My son’s neck scarf. Ooops. Cyndi returned for it and found it (literally) under the seat of some guests.

Now, whenever we leave the condo everyone asks, “Pam, are you feeling naked?” Huh? I have become so absent minded! It must be the high altitude. Yesterday, I forgot my camera! Today, when we went to pitch our films to HBO, I forgot the reel! Then later at a panel discussion I left Cyndi’s phone in the cafe! Funny thing is, is upon our return for said items good things have happened. I found them! We also gained unexpected meetings or access to more information. It all ends up good in the end. Luggage returned, items found, memories made. All is not lost.

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