Love My Work

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – I love my work, but with all good things there are negative side affects. For me, the one side affect I could live without is the extra 20 pounds I have accumulated this year! I have never had weight issues. Never say never. Sitting in front of a computer writing, editing and sipping on my soda is definitely taking its toll! What’s a girl to do? I have an idea. Not care! I like it. It’s simple. It doesn’t require any behavior change and it allows me to keep doing what I love doing.

weighty.jpgHeck, I want to get to the point of thinking that there is just more of me to love. Works for me! Plus it kind of spreads out the wrinkles. That’s a good thing, right? The proverbial half glass full of carbonated water. For me, eventually the bubbles go flat (although other folks seem to be able to keep pumping the bubbles flowing endlessly). The question I wake up everyday is, “Will my stomach ever be flat … again?!? I slide out of bed and I know the answer is … NO!”

I know some of my friends have lost some weight. I wonder if my gaining weight supports the energy laws. You know, “energy can never be created or destroyed.” So doesn’t it follow if someone is losing weight then someone has to be gaining it somewhere? I guess it has attached itself to me. I wish it would attach itself to Saac. He could use it!

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