Make a Memory

This weekend, my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to end the summer right. We took off for the mountains with our kids and our husbands to make a memory. Chris made us dinner while the two of us took a quiet walk. Just being outside in the cool evening air without the ability to talk on the phone or access the internet was, well, wonderful. topshot1.jpgWe stayed up eating M&Ms, brownies and playing Scum and a host of other silly games.

The next day, we ate and made the kids wash the dishes then headed to the creek for fun in the sun. I had no idea that Julie and Steve had a water fetish. They don’t like to play in water with fish in it! jullie.jpg They were good sports and finally got in to swim, climb and crawl upstream. We swung on the rope swing and well, we made a memory.

“This is what makes life worth it.” This from Julie who was concerned about those little fish biting her toes! Zach asked if we would invite them back. I told him no, but in reality, I believe in traditions and I believe we started pj.jpgone that will last for years. I especially liked the guys making the meals and the kids cleaning up! Good stuff.

It wasn’t a trip to Disneyland or Europe. It was better. This is what life should be like. So go make a memory.

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