Masseuse Wanted!

PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MANHATTAN NEW YORK – Yep, we are in New York City! Trying to attend the Tribeca Film festival. Today we rode the subway down to Tribeca. We managed to locate the building on Greenwich for our credentials. Then we headed 1/3 mile away to the press lounge. Tribeca.jpg

We found out where we could set up interviews with industry people. We found out about private screenings so back to the Greenwich location to set up some screenings. We found out the movie we signed up to cover tonight was really just the red carpet arrival of “the stars”. We had to stand and wait for any available seats. We had to go to the theater where that screening was being held to buy any available seats for the films being shown within 24 hours. (several miles away, and no shuttles.) We asked about tickets for a screening to be held in 4 days. I think that would be out of the 24 -hour requirement, but no, we still had to go to the theater and wait ‘stand by’. Great fun! We were unable to get in. Back and forth we walked to get information and to find out they could not accommodate us. My feet, I can’t feel my feet! Numb, numb, numb. We have had some New York minutes, but that will be another blog!

We realize that this is our first experience at Tribeca. Our only reference is Sundance and SXSW. Every festival has their own way of producing their festival. What we have discovered is that Tribeca is in Manhattan. What that means is if you want to see any screenings you have to plan very carefully because the location screenings are very far apart. The best choice is to stay in the same location and see whatever they happen to be showing for the day. The private screening idea is pretty cool, but the movies of choice are limited to those that need more media exposure. All in all, it is a little frustrating as far as press goes. pjmap.JPG
So, if all else fails, enjoy the food, learn to ride the subway, take pictures like a tourist and enjoy being in New York City! OK. Left to my own devices, I know how to do that! Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully we will be more successful in covering this event as it progresses! All I have to say, ok…all I have to say right now is… know a good foot masseuse?

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