Men are Stupid and Women are Crazy

So the other day one of our favorite attorney’s hung out in the “alley”. He vocally expressed his desire not to work because he had so much work that he couldn’t work. It was in one of our mid-afternoon, how are we going to get through the rest of this stressful day, I know, let’s have a discussion moment. I asked him, “how can we, as women, motivate or inspire men to do … anything.

After the snickers and subtle suggestions, he said “that” is not what motivates men. Now I know this was only one man so don’t get in my face that he should or could represent all men. DUH!

I was just asking for his insight. So chill.

What followed was a discussion that got…personal. I won’t go into details.

He said if his wife asked or needed something from him, he responds if she tells him directly and explains why this is important to her.

Really. Hmmm.

After laughing at him he mocked offense and asked, “what? I do. If you guys ask me to do something I do it. “

And the trap closed.

I have an assignment at work that requires the attorney’s to submit to me a blog. I schedule it out so they only have to write one once a month. I send out a calendar and a weekly reminder. I walk down the halls poking my head in their offices and (gasp) smile. They know why I am there and they promise me that they will send me their assignment, but they don’t. I have bribed them with M&M’s and cashews. I post notices on their computer screens. I ask their legal assistants to schedule time for them to do a blog. I accumulated a list of ideas for them to write about. I glare at them, but they don’t care or more accurately, they don’t care about me.

Their lack of doing their assignment prevents me from doing mine and that, to me, is unacceptable.

So as a last resort I ask the “managing attorney” to encourage them to do their assignment.

That works.

And that really pisses me off.

So I squint my eyes at this defenseless trapped creature and ask.

“What about blogging?”

“Well, Pam… “ he goes off on all the work he has to do and that he wants to spend time with his family and he doesn’t see why it is important and maybe if I offered some kind of tangible reward and…

The list of excuses was long. Later in the day I went in his office to see if I had offended him. He said no. He knows women are marginalized, but he also said leaders inspire. OH!. So this is my fault. I lack leadership. Good to know.

As he walked away, the girls in the alley still came up with the same old conclusion.

Men are stupid and women are crazy.

And I still don’t have an answer. Or his blog.

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